What Makes Our Putting Grass So Great

If you love practicing your short game at home, then you’ll love our putting grass. Installing artificial grass can allow you to practice with minimal worry, as you don’t need to do much to keep the grass functional. Playrite offers artificial putting greens guaranteed to perform well and serve you for a long time. Here is what makes our putting grass great:

knoxville-tn-what-makes-our-putting-grass-so-great-artificial-grass-putting-greenIt Can Enhance Your Game

Playrite’s putting greens are designed to minimize friction between your ball and the grass, helping it slide easily. Our turf also has a high-performance “true roll” quality. The putting greens have a short pile height and are made of texturized fibers to help improve your game.

It’s Durable

Playrite putting grass is built to last, so you can work on your short game as often as you like without worrying about damage. Our top artificial turf materials are made of durable polypropylene and nylon fibers. We also use sand infill on our putting greens to keep the turf in place. These features allow our putting greens to withstand constant practices and high foot traffic.

It Has Excellent Drainage

We have been in the artificial turf industry for over 30 years. This experience has allowed us to gain insights into the best ways to maximize drainage. Playrite putting greens are designed to drain all water so you never have to worry about pools that could impact your game. Our expert installers can install base rock and aggregate before laying down our artificial putting greens to maximize drainage.

It’s Low Maintenance

Our putting greens can save you time and money as they’re drought-resistant; you don’t need to irrigate them during summer to keep them lush and green. The putting greens also don’t need chemicals or fertilizers to maintain their appeal.

Our installers can place geotextile on the ground when installing putting greens outdoors to eliminate the chances of weeds growing and ruining the green’s smooth finish. This can also help minimize your maintenance burden. If your putting green ever needs to be cleaned, you can clean it with a hose or a leaf blower to keep it ready for your games.

It’s Versatile

Our expert designers can work with you to custom design an ideal putting green for whichever space you desire. You can have yours installed in your backyard or indoors. We can design a putting area that mimics a natural golf course by installing fringes, sand bunkers, and any other feature you need to boost your golf practice space’s authenticity.

Improve Your Game With Artificial Grass From Playrite

Playrite can make your golfing dream a reality by installing quality putting greens wherever you want. Our artificial grass is one of the best in the market, as we manufacture it with high-quality materials. We also design our artificial putting greens to mimic real golf courses by using texturized yarns and a short pile height so that you can practice your game easily. Contact us to learn more about our putting greens and our installation options.