Artificial Turf Knoxville, TN

If you’re looking for the highest quality artificial turf in Knoxville, TN, the greater Knoxville area, or East Tennessee, Playrite is your premier artificial grass installer. We specialize in creating beautiful, functional, residential and commercial spaces using the industry’s best artificial grass products. Downtown residents core are using synthetic grass for rooftops, patios, and balconies, while homeowners are using fake grass for landscaping and dog and pet areas.

Common installations include artificial putting greens and tee lines; artificial grass landscaping; artificial grass for dogs; artificial grass for playgrounds; artificial grass for sports; and outdoor field turf. The benefits of artificial grass are numerous, and will save you time and money while providing you beautiful green grass year round. When you hire Playrite, they bring 18 plus years of experience in artificial grass installation, so that you can enjoy no moving, no irrigation, no over-seeding, no chemicals, no mud, no dead spots, no grass clippings, and low maintenance.

Expert Artificial Grass Installers

Our team of certified synthetic turf installers will take great care prior to your artificial turf installation to recommend the very best products for your desired application. Whether you want to replace your residential lawn, create a stunning artificial grass backyard, or install custom artificial putting green turf, make the synthetic grass professionals at Playrite your first call. We are based in Knoxville and service all areas of Eastern Tennessee, providing both indoor artificial turf and outdoor fake grass for all spaces.


“Playrite has multiple artificial grass products for customers to consider, and will make the best recommendation based upon your unique needs and specifications. Below are some of our most common projects. We invite you to learn more about the many benefits of artificial grass.”

Artificial Putting Green Turf

All golfers have an interest in improving their game, particularly when it comes to putting. Just a couple hours of putting practice per week can mean the difference between being a member at your club and being the club champion. If you’ve been thinking about transforming and outdoor or indoor space an artificial grass putting green, then call Playrite today. Our putting green turf is designed to produce results-oriented practice and reinforce the underlying mechanics of good putting.

Playrite specializes in creating incredible spaces, and as it relates to artificial grass in Knoxville, nothing is more popular than artificial putting green turf. Manufactured to perform perfectly every time, our golf and putting green turf is used by professionals, amateurs, and golf instructors worldwide. Extremely durable, our putting green turf has a high performance “true roll” characteristic that makes it a favorite among low handicappers, and touring and teaching professionals. We offer texturized nylon and polypropylene sand-filled putting greens, as well as a comprehensive line of synthetic target greens, range turfs, and tee line surfaces.


Artificial Grass Landscaping

If you’re tired of taking care of the lawn on weekends and are seeking an easier, low maintenance solution, Playrite has the solution. Homeowners are turning to artificial turf in Knoxville TN as a smart, environmentally friendly, long-lasting alternative to real grass.  Synthetic turf can be installed in many different ways to turn your lawn and landscape visions into reality.

Residential artificial grass in Knoxville is becoming more popular every year, particularly because of the wear and tear on your lawn associated with East Tennessee’s changes in season. Fake grass gives you everything you want to improve the beauty of your home and let you relax on the weekends instead of working in the yard. Now you can enjoy beautifully manicured green grass year-round, no watering, no fertilizing, no mowing, and no ongoing maintenance. You’ll save money on your water bill and have to find other ways to fill your time.

Residential artificial grass in Knoxville is available for small and large projects, from artificial grass for dogs and pets, to artificial turf around pools, to comprehensive artificial grass landscaping. You will appreciate the high quality of the product and be amazed at how soft our synthetic grass can feel under your bare feet. Are you ready to take the leap to artificial turf landscaping? Call Playrite today!


Artificial Grass for Dogs & Pets

Dogs and pets are recognized for the joy they bring their owners and families. Of course, it’s no fun when your dog digs holes in the lawn or tracks mud through the house. Perhaps it’s time to consider pet friendly artificial grass for dogs. Our synthetic turf eliminates wear and tear on your lawn and maximizes your dog’s comfort and safety. Playrite provides artificial turf in Knoxville for dog and pet spaces, dog runs, dog parks, and more.

Artificial grass for dogs provides exceptional strength and durability, along with advanced draining capability. Fake grass for dogs will swiftly drain rainwater and urine, helping keep your lawn mud-free. What’s more, our artificial turf contains an odor absorbing infiltration that reduces odors caused by ammonia in pet waste. We are proud to give dogs a durable, healthy space to play that is free of fleas, ticks, and other pests. Your dog or pet area will look fantastic year round, regardless of the weather.


Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

The installation of artificial grass for playgrounds in Knoxville transforms residential backyards and commercial spaces, including daycares, schools, and parks. Playrite offers playground turf in a variety of inviting colors, which can brighten up any play area. What’s more, the advanced technology of our products makes for a safer environment for your children to play.

With children’s safety in mind, an added layer of cushioning in artificial grass makes for softer ground – and softer landings – than traditional, hard playground surfaces that contain messy wood chips or grass clipping. Additionally, our playground turf is fast draining, drying the ground quickly and eliminating often hazardous puddles. Playrite also installs playground turf for indoor areas, including classrooms or playrooms.


Field Turf for Indoor & Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports fields require a tremendous amount of care, which translates to time and money. Today, many high schools, colleges, and universities are turning to field turf for their indoor and outdoors sports fields, saving time and money while maximizing their athlete’s use of the fields. Now, you can have baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, softball, and more all play on the same synthetic turf field, instead of having each field reserved for one sport.

Playrite is the preferred provider of artificial field turf for outdoor sports. We have completed beautiful, functional artificial grass installations in gyms, training centers, parks, high schools, and universities. Our clients choose field turf over traditional grass primarily for the durability and outstanding drainage. Artificial turf fields require little maintenance, withstand all types of weather, and drain quickly so that you wont’t have to postpone or reschedule games due to wet weather. Playrite also provides synthetic field turf in Knoxville for indoor locations, including gyms, training floors, batting cages, and more with our top quality synthetic turf.


Benefits of Artificial Grass in Knoxville

Green Grass Year Round

Say goodbye to seasonal browning and enjoy beautiful green artificial grass in your favorite outdoor space year round.

Soft Surface

Synthetic turf is extremely soft on your feet  and feels very similar to real grass, making it ideal for outdoor use in any weather.

Low Maintenance

Save time and money by eliminating watering, mowing, and maintenance. Artificial grass pays for itself in saved costs.

Environmentally Friendly

No need for fertilizers and herbicides that are required on real grass, plus no more clippings finding their way into the pool.

Pet Safe

Synthetic pet turf provides excellent drainage for pet waste, contains odor eliminating infill, and eliminates bugs and mites.

Allergen Free

With no pollen to disperse, you and your friends can enjoy outdoor activities without the fear of allergy attacks.

Great for Kids

Fake grass provides a soft, safe surface for kids to play, and prevents them from tracking mud and dirt into the house.

Durable & Long Lasting

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, artificial turf is extremely durable, making it ideal for high wear and tear areas.

Artificial Grass in Knoxville, TN and East Tennessee

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