Where Can I Install Artificial Turf? 

Playrite has the tools, products, and skills required to install superior artificial grass. Whatever your vision is, we can help you turn it into a reality. We offer a comprehensive selection of industry-leading artificial grass solutions. Your artificial turf installation project will be completed correctly using substantiated installation methods and the best materials available.

Homeowners can easily buy and install artificial turf for simple projects that can beautify any space and enhance their home’s functionality. Playrite specializes in designing beautiful, functional residential and commercial spaces with the best artificial grass products on the market. Continue reading to learn more about where to install artificial grass in your home or business.

Dog and Pet Spaces

Artificial grass is great for pet areas for a variety of reasons. Artificial turf offers a soft, grass-like surface for your dogs to play or lounge while avoiding unappealing brown spots where your animals urinate. Additionally, turf makes a great pet run by solving the issue of cement causing abrasions and gravel aggravating paw pads. There are no ruts or mud after rain; there is no warm soil where fleas like to hide; and there are no wet blades of grass to track into the house. But best of all, artificial grass doesn’t require mowing and is easy to clean.

We offer artificial grass for dogs, which is suitable for large and small breeds, as well as cats and other domestic animals. Our pet grass is ideal for indoor or outdoor use in small or large coverage areas.

Indoor and Outdoor Sport Facilities

When compared to natural grass, artificial grass offers a expertly crafted, level playing field that reduces the risk of tripping. The lack of mounds and divots in the grass means your ball may follow a straighter path, which is ideal for practicing your skills. Indoor turf and outdoor field turf is easier to maintain and ready for use anytime.

Playrite offers a wide range of the most advanced and long-lasting sports field synthetic turf options to personalize your dream sports field. Each sports field is unique, but a great design must be tailored to your specific synthetic turf desires.

Landscape and Lawn

Synthetic turf for lawns is becoming more popular by the day. But it can also be used for other landscaped areas. For example, turf can be used to create a small sitting area with a table and chairs. It can be used to create pathways that lead you through your gardens. Turf can be cut into strips to create a straight or curved path that leads you through your gardens. Or, it can be cut into squares or circles to create stepping stones, a standing area, or perhaps a pad for statues and bird baths.

Of course, you can use turf to define borders and outline irregularly shaped landscaped areas. Our realistic and high-quality fake yard grass is lush and natural looking. It has soft polyethylene, UV-protected artificial fibers that produce a lifelike “fresh cut” look and a soft, pleasing feel.

Putting Green and Golf

At Playrite, we have a synthetic putting green surface to suit every golf application. Our golf and putting green grass is designed to perform consistently and is used by professionals, golf instructors, and amateurs worldwide. Our putting green turf is durable and has a high-performance “true roll” feature, making it popular with low handicappers as well as teaching and touring professionals.

Install Artificial Turf Today

Playrite has the tools, products, and skills required to install superior artificial grass. Or sometimes, we can provide you with what you need for a Do-It-Yourself job. Whatever your vision, we can help you convert it to reality. We offer a comprehensive selection of industry-leading artificial grass solutions. And we will guarantee that your artificial turf installation project will be completed expertly using the best materials and best installation methods available.