Our Best Selling Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass is an ideal way to save money and time since you don’t have to water, weed, or mow the grass. Artificial grass is versatile, meaning you can use it in many environments. From lawns to landscapes and putting greens to sports fields and playgrounds, Playrite is Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee’s preferred source for artificial turf. Here is more information about our best selling artificial grass:

A Wide Variety of Artificial Turf

To know which artificial turf product best suits your needs, you must first understand how it will be used. Different artificial turf types have different benefits and advantages, so knowing the specific intended use can guide you in choosing the best product type. At Playrite, we have artificial turf for a wide range of applications, including:

Golf Putting Greens

Our golf putting green turf is manufactured to perform exceptionally for every type of golfer and every level of expertise. The turf is highly durable, so installing it in your facility or yard allows you to practice golf anytime, year round.

Lawns and Landscape

Playrite’s natural-looking, low-maintenance artificial turf lawn is ideal for your residential landscape or commercial application. Installing our high quality fake grass in your yard can give you the beautiful, green lush lawn you have always wanted.

Dog and Pet Spaces

We offer artificial grass for small and large breed dogs, cats, and other domesticated pets for their comfort, recreation, and relief. Our artificial turf is perfect for outdoor or indoor use in small or large areas.

Outdoor Playgrounds

Our artificial turf is used to create custom spaces for kids to play, which has been proven necessary for their childhood development. Unlike many common surfaces, our artificial grass for playground is soft, helping prevent injuries resulting from falling on hard surfaces.

We also feature the best quality turf for golf-hitting mats and tee lines, indoor sports facilities, and outdoor sports fields. Playrite offers the range of products and installation expertise you need to convert your vision into reality.

Benefits of Our Synthetic Turf

Everyone knows that taking care of a natural lawn can be exhausting. On the other hand, hiring professional landscapers or lawn crews to take care of a lawn can be expensive. Synthetic turf is the perfect alternative if you desire a perfectly manicured, always green, lush lawn. It is a fact that artificial grass looks and feels strikingly similar to natural grass.

What’s more, due to technological advancements, the quality of artificial turf has improved dramatically over the last several years. Below are just some of the advantages of Playrite synthetic turf:

No mowing
No irrigation
No overseeding
No chemicals
No mud
No dead spots
No grass clippings

Whereas natural grass is sensitive to its surrounding environment, synthetic grass is made from manufactured substances, rendering it unaffected by environmental factors. Unlike real grass, our turf can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. This is important for homeowners, since excess rain can drown real grass, and excessive sunlight can dry grass out.

Buy the Best Artificial Grass From Playrite

At Playrite, we provide a wide range of market-leading artificial grass solutions. We offer the highest quality products and expert design and installation services that will exceed your expectations. Our extensive experience ensures that our customers have an exceptional experience from project inception to completion. Contact us today!