Artificial Turf Services Provided by Playrite

Artificial grass is an effective alternative to natural grass as it carries a higher aesthetic appeal and requires less maintenance. Playrite can help you improve your indoor and outdoor space by providing artificial turf in Knoxville TN and all of Eastern Tennessee. Here are some of the services we offer:

Artificial Golf Grass Installation

Playrite can help you improve your golf game in the comfort of your home by designing and installing a custom putting green using artificial putting green turf. Our putting turf is used by professionals, instructors, and amateurs globally because it’s designed to reinforce the mechanics of good golfing. We can install the turf indoors or outdoors — you only need to show us where you want the turf to be installed and we’ll do the rest.

Artificial Grass Landscaping

Natural grass can affect your home’s aesthetic appeal when left uncared for since it can overgrow or discolor. Many homeowners have to dedicate their free time to mowing their lawns to maintain their homes’ appeal. This can take you away from other responsibilities at home or at work.

Playrite can help you by installing artificial grass in your front yard, backyard, around the pool, and any other place you’d like to see some greenery. This grass doesn’t need mowing, irrigation, or fertilizing, so you can spend your free time relaxing instead of caring for your lawn.

You may not have to worry about seasonal changes to your lawn after we’re done installing the grass since our turf doesn’t wear and tear with seasons. Our artificial grass landscaping services allow you to enjoy the beauty of year-round greenery and the softness of artificial grass beneath your feet.

Playground Grass Installation

Artificial Turf for Putting GreensChildren can hurt themselves when playing on natural grass since the ground beneath the grass is hard. They may be at risk of developing parasitic illnesses like giardiasis from drinking water in puddles, which may be found on natural grass after rain.

Playrite can help keep your kids safe by installing artificial grass in play areas in your home. Our specialists can install grass in commercial spaces like daycares, parks, and schools to enhance your children’s safety.

Our artificial grass contains an extra layer of cushioning to reduce the risk of injuries. It’s also fast-draining to limit any interaction with puddles.

Sports Field Turf Installation

Caring for sports fields with natural grass can cost money and be time-consuming since natural grass wears with frequent use. Sports fields with natural grass may be susceptible to drainage problems, and you may have to reschedule or cancel games when it rains.

You can install our durable artificial field turf to have multiple teams playing on the same field without worrying about wear and tear. Our turf also has effective drainage, so playing after rain isn’t an issue.

Get Your Artificial Turf in Knoxville TN

Playrite is the leading installer of artificial turf in Knoxville, TN. Our installers offer services ranging from artificial grass putting greens, to artificial grass landscaping for your home, to playgrounds and sports field turf installation for schools, parks, and training centers. With over 18 years of artificial grass installation experience, you can rest assured that our services are of the highest quality. Contact us today to get your low-maintenance artificial grass quote!