Why Universities and Colleges Are Using Artificial Grass in Their Training Facilities

Many universities and colleges are turning to artificial grass as an alternative to natural turf in their training facilities. It offers many benefits, making it a preferred choice for these institutions. Playrite provides high-quality artificial turf in Knoxville and the surrounding areas. If you would like it for your training facility, whether for a school or private training facility, contact us today for a quote.

universities-colleges-artificial-turf-knoxville-artificial-grass-tennessee1. Excellent Durability

One thing about universities and colleges is that hundreds or even thousands of students use their training facilities day in and out. Natural grass may not withstand this traffic, which may lead to the area becoming patchy and uneven. At Playrite, we can install artificial grass specifically for intensive use. This turf features superior wear-and-tear resistance, withstanding heavy use and lasting longer. Whether you’re using it for football, soccer, or any other sport, the artificial turf’s exceptional durability makes it more suitable than natural grass.

2. Reduced Risk of Injuries

Below natural grass, the soil typically consists of hard ground. Falling on this hard surface may cause injuries. Artificial grass is softer, providing more cushioning and support. If a student slips and falls, their body may not experience as much shock as it would on natural grass. That can reduce the risk of injuries, making sports safer and allowing students to play with less fear. Depending on the sport, we can offer synthetic turf with a thicker infill for additional cushioning.

3. No Growth Waiting Time

Natural grass needs time to grow, and it can take weeks or even months to become suitable for sports after planting. That can be inconvenient, especially for institutions that participate actively in sports. Synthetic turf eliminates this waiting time, as it’s ready for use almost immediately after installation. That makes it an excellent choice for institutions that need to set up their training facilities in the shortest time possible. You may need to give it a few days for the adhesives to cure and the turf to settle, but the process is much faster than planting and growing grass.

4. Increased Design Flexibility

Various training areas use different designs. Some sports, like baseball, require specific field measurements and shapes. Synthetic grass makes it easy to customize the area’s design to suit these sports. Designers can create complex shapes, curves, and patterns to make the surface suitable depending on the sport. You can also choose the color you prefer. Some of these things are challenging to accomplish with natural grass.

5. Lower Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining natural grass fields is disruptive, expensive, and time-consuming, especially when the area is large. Schools have to set aside budgets for mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Artificial grass requires no such maintenance, saving institutions time and money. You also don’t have to worry about mud, which can be a problem during rainy seasons. Artificial turf only needs occasional brushing and sweeping to remove debris and maintain its appearance.

Contact Playrite for Artificial Grass Installation

If you need high-quality artificial turf for your institution or private use, contact Playrite today. We can evaluate the intended use, expected traffic, budget, and other factors to advise on the most suitable surface. We can also install it professionally, producing a surface that looks great and lasts long. Let us help you create the ideal training facility. Contact us for a quote.