Why Put Our Artificial Turf in Your Outdoor Sports Area

Your choice of materials for your outdoor sports area can affect players’ performance on the field. Artificial turf provides a reliable and safe playing surface, allowing players to do their best. Playrite manufactures high-quality artificial grass, ideal for a variety of athletic areas Here’s why our turf is a popular choice for outdoor sports arenas:


why-put-our-artificial-turf-in-your-outdoor-sports-area-knoxville-tn-artificial-grassOutdoor sports areas receive high foot traffic, especially if they’re multi-purpose. Our artificial turf is built to withstand constant use, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear, even during your busiest seasons. We only use high-quality fibers, designed to serve you for years before requiring restoration. This makes our turf a cost-effective solution for any institution looking to save money.

Our installation techniques also add to our turfs’ durability. We follow a strict installation process that provides exceptional turf stability and superior drainage. You can rest assured your turf will remain in place and efficiently drain excess water during rainy seasons.


Regular grass is susceptible to drying out, getting muddy, or growing unevenly. Since it is completely flat and consistently textured, our artificial turf is a low-maintenance option with little to no downtime. You only have to clean the turf once in a while to eliminate debris.


Our turf is safe for outdoor sports as it’s soft and cushioned. It offers head impact attenuation and has appropriate shock absorption properties. This can minimize the risk of injury from falls when teams are playing contact sports like football, lacrosse, and hockey. A lower risk of injury can translate to reduced liability and downtime resulting from sports injuries.

Our turf is also slip-resistant, making it a suitable choice for sports that require a lot of running. Your players can perform their best even after it rains.


A sports field should be uniform and smooth for good play. Our turf consists of smooth, high-quality fibers that can optimize ball bounce and improve athlete performance. We enhance field uniformity by properly leveling our aggregates before laying the artificial grass during installation.


Our artificial grass is a sustainable option for outdoor sports fields as it doesn’t need to be watered like natural grass. It is also not organic, so it doesn’t incur landscaping expenses like mowing, fertilizing, or weeding during the summer.


Our artificial grass is aesthetically pleasing and can maintain its natural-looking green color throughout its lifespan. Lush-looking grass can boost the image of hosting teams or sponsored brands. We can also customize the field with mascots, logos, and other specific markers.

Artificial Turf: Ideal for Outdoor Sports

Playrite has many artificial turf options for your outdoor sports area. We have been supplying professional sporting venues, colleges, and municipalities with artificial grass for years, so you can rest assured we have something for you. Our grass is safe, durable, low-maintenance, and can enhance your field’s aesthetic appeal. After assessing your terrain, intended use, and budget, we can customize it to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to make your dream sports field a reality.